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How to get motivated to sell at the start of 2019

Thinking about how to motivate yourself to get selling on the first day of January can be hard. Sales motivation is a tough one to address at the start of any month, but New Years Day is especially hard.

Hands up.

  • Who is fed up of eating turkey?
  • Who has had one too many glasses of bubbly?
  • Who had a brilliant 2018 and is not sure how to repeat it in 2019?
  • Who had a rubbish 2018 for sales and is struggling to get the energy to get going?
  • Who really doesn’t fancy picking up the phone tomorrow and calling a new prospect?

To be honest with you, there are not many people who look forward to any kind of sales activity on their first day back. All of a sudden it is late afternoon on New Year’s day and unless your religion or country celebrates the three Kings on the 6th of January, the next thing to look forward to is St Valentines Day, or if you are single then it is Easter.

I am not including the Spanish in this because they seem to celebrate a Saints day nearly every week with a day off or at the very least a small fiesta. This probably goes a long way to explain why I have a home in Spain. It is all about the work-life balance you know.

I am not saying that you might not be looking forward to working, but are you looking forward to selling? Contacting prospects on the first day back to take them through every step of the sales process, is typically one task that a business owner or entrepreneur avoids doing.

Having said that I have worked with a lot of so-called sales people who would use every excuse in the book to not contact a prospect during the first week of January.

  • “It’s too soon, they won’t want to speak to me”
  • “They might have taken a few more days off”
  • “No one does much during the first few days back in the office”

I have heard all the excuses so many times. These are the same people who won’t contact anyone in the run-up to Christmas, thinking that their hot prospect won’t want to make a decision to buy the second the fairy lights have been lit.


If you don’t speak to your prospect, then your competitor will. Fact!

Why you need to get motivated to sell

There is one big reason why you need to get motivated to make a big impact at the start of every month, let alone every year.


If you want to make money you need to sell successfully. If you are employed to sell by a company then you will be starting the month and the year with a monetary target to hit. If you have your own business then you should have already set a target that you want to achieve.

Your customers, without very few exceptions, are buying goods and services all year round. Very few stop buying, they just end of buying from the people that are good at selling, not the poor ones.

Your customers will buy from you when THEY want to, not when YOU think they want to.

Don’t make excuses, just learn how to motivate yourself to sell successfully too!

My Top 5 Sales Motivation Techniques

  1. Have a financial sales target for the year – There really is nothing more motivating than a monetary sales target to kick butt yourself into action. If you have been given a seemingly big target by the boss, don’t moan or whine about it. Put your energy into making it happen. If you have set the target for yourself, then what are you waiting for? You have a dream or goal you want to achieve, so go out there and start selling.
  2. Visualise your goals – Don’t just think about or say what you want to achieve, make sure you visualise your sales goals. Create a vision board of the goals you want to achieve and place it somewhere really prominent so that you are forced to look at it several times a day. Seeing your goals is great for sales motivation.
  3. Prioritise your prospects – Before you pick up the phone or start emailing your prospects, think about your prospects and who has the best opportunities you can close quickly. Prioritise these into a list so that you are starting to close down the hottest opportunities first. Guaranteed to get 2017 off to a cracking start.
  4. Rewards – Don’t just use SMART objectives to motivate yourself to achieve your target and goals. Make sure you have a reward at the end. No matter how big or small the target, the thought of a reward is guaranteed to get you calling those prospects as soon as the first working day starts.
  5. Review past successes – This may sound an odd one at first but think about your most successful sales activities of the past year. How did you go about winning those clients? Think about why they bought from you. Read your testimonials too to remind you of why your clients love to buy from you rather than the competition. A lot goes on over the Christmas break so when the cold reality of the first day back hits you like an icy wind, then knowing that you have been successful before will undoubtedly help motivate you to do it again.

Now I have a whole heap of tactics to help motivate me to sell, but these are both my favourite and my most successful.

Knowing what you have to do to sell success is vital to keep your sales motivation at the level you need it to be to make 2019 your most successful sales year. If you want to know what to do and when, then download the sales process planner below and start getting your sales process right.