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Cold call a prospect correctly and your sales will skyrocket

Now let me make one thing perfectly clear. I have been doing this for years. I know that when you cold call a prospect you will have an excellent tool in your sales kit bag.

Trust me, when you pick up the phone to cold call a prospect you are increasing your chances of sales success.

However, I reckon probably 80% of people who have to sell, don’t like picking up the phone to a prospect. I choose 80% because the Pareto rule has a lot to do with selling.

Of the remaining 20% I am pretty convinced that they don’t like it, but they love the results so are happy to get on with it.

These 20% love picking up the phone to a prospect as they know it is a lot more effective. They might still be nervous of cold calling, but they know it gets results. Let’s face it everyone who sells is driven by results.

What is a cold call to a prospect?

The key thing to remember in this blog is that I am talking about a prospect. This is someone you know has a need for what you do. They might not know they have a need, but you have checked and you know that they do.

A lot of businesses confuse prospect with suspect, which is why they fail to sell effectively. This is another reason why anyone cold calling has such a bad reputation both within and outside the sales community.

A suspect is someone who you only suspect has a need for what you do. After finding out if they have a need your product can solve, only then can you call them a prospect.

Sales are contingent on the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect’ – W Clement Stone

Why calling a prospect is better than writing

Here are my 7 reasons why you should pick up the phone instead of writing.

  1. It is quicker – Hands up who is a trained touch typist? Thought not. Most of us struggle to think of the right way we want to say something, which means we take a lot lot longer than necessary. Phone calls are so much quicker than writing an email and more direct than daily posts on LinkedIn.
  2. Great excuse for another point of contact – Yet another of those sales statistics floating round the internet, tells us that it takes 7 points of contact to turn a prospect into a paying customer. Why not doing something quick that increases that.
  3. Reduces misunderstandings – Even a perfectly written email can be left wide open to misinterpretation. When you call you are better placed to overcome any objections your prospect may have.
  4. Polite – The written word can appear quite cold compared to a real live human being. By quickly assessing the situation over the phone you can politely helping your prospect with their decision.
  5. Builds rapport to improve the relationship – Rapport building is not just about showing someone how nice you are. By cold calling your prospect you will be able to listen actively to what they are saying and respond accordingly.
  6. Opportunity to uncover fresh business – How many times have you been on the phone to a call centre and they have said “Is there anything else I can help you with today?” They get business off the back of asking that question and so could you.
  7. Your chance to qualify them in or out – When you cold call a prospect, you have the chance to listen to their voice as well as hear what they are saying. Actively listening to their response will help you judge if they are really a viable prospect for you or not. Don’t be afraid to qualify them out if necessary.

Despite the increase in online sales and marketing, cold calling prospects is still, and will always be an essential activity in the sales process.

If you find this part of selling tough, then book a free 20 minute sales accelerator call with me. I’ve helped hundreds over come their fear of cold calling by showing them exactly what to say and do. I know it will work for you too.