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Selling is incredibly easy once you have the right sales process in placeSales process and the seven steps

Even the very best sales people will fail to make money if they don’t follow a well thought out sales process. No amount of confidence or hard work will change that. There are 7 simple steps of the sales process as shown in this image.

Miss a step out and you will find it very difficult to close the profitable sales your business needs.

Having sold successfully (well most of the time) for over 30 years, I have worked out the top 5 reasons why your sales process is failing to make money.

  1. You don’t know what your sales process is. Understanding what you need to do and when to do it is key to selling successfully. Take time out to document your sales process. Look at the gaps or any weak areas in the process that you could improve on.
  2. You aren’t preparing enough before you start to sell. Preparation is key to selling successfully. Do research on your prospective clients. Be clear on what your sales process is and how you are going to sell before you call or meet a prospect.
  3. You don’t get yourself in front of the right people. Great sales introductions are not just about saying hello. A really well thought out introduction will help you get in front of the right people that will happily buy from you.
  4. You don’t ask enough questions. You cannot sell anything if you or your prospect doesn’t know they have a problem. Great questions will help you and your prospect to both agree what the problem is before you start trying to solve it.
  5. You don’t sell the benefits of your product or service. Selling the benefits is key to successfully presenting your solution so that your prospect is asking to buy from you. Benefits always solve either an emotional issue or a financial one. So make sure every one of your benefits will do just that.
  6. You fear rejection. Yes you do get a lot of No’s throughout the sales process, but don’t fear them. A No always get you nearer a Yes!
  7. You don’t follow up. Following up is the last step in the sales process, but probably the most important. Your prospects and clients are often very busy people, so effectively following up is essential to them as well as to your business.

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