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When did you last spot a successful sales person?Successful Sales People

Was it when you looked in the mirror this morning. Or was it when you saw your uber successful, target smashing colleague stroll out of the Sales Director’s fancy office with a smile that says “I’ve just got the bonus for over achieving my target…again!”

What do they look like?

The successful sales person always stands out in a crowded room. It’s like they have this aura surrounding them so bright that they would even eclipse the sun. Have you noticed that they don’t walk either? They combine a saunter with a prowl, like a Leopard confident that he will easily catch his next prey.

Then the clothes the successful sales person always wears. Carefully chosen suits and outfits that maintain a professional image, whilst showing humility at all times. Even their accessories are subtle reminders of their success. You might see a successful sales person wear a great watch, but never an obnoxiously expensive one. They leave that to the wide boys, whose approach is to ram any success they achieve right down the throat of their colleagues.

It is another thing that is oh so slightly annoying about really successful sales people. Their lack of arrogance. I mean, sales people have such a bad reputation for unethical practices, so it can be really hard to believe that the successful sales person earns the big commission cheques solely using above board practices. They have not only read the sales books about ethical selling. These high achievers helped the authors to document best sales practices for the whole of the sales world to see.

Now I am not saying that all successful sales people are ethical, but the ones that are consistently at the top of the tree, are definitely a lot whiter than the rest.

So what is about these seemingly angelic sales people, that earns them huge respect?

The Secrets of Successful Sales People

  1. Prepare thoroughly – Successful sales people don’t wing it. Their confident air comes from knowing that they have done everything they can to prepare for anything they might face. They plan, they strategise. They seek the advice of others. Like Olympic athletes, the very best sales people live by the motto “Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail”, which is simply why they achieve more than their colleagues.
  2. Qualify their prospects – Great sales people know exactly where to focus their efforts. Wasting time is simply not an option, which is why they keep qualifying their prospects. It might be that successful sales people have a gut instinct about whether  a deal will happen or not, but believe me. Great sales people keep qualifying their prospects continually. They will never waste time talking to a prospect who is not going to buy.
  3. Build rapport – Empathy is the key to building rapport and the very top sales people are undoubtedly the best at using empathetic skills to their advantage. Great sales people have an enquiring mind that asks questions in a way that doesn’t feel like an interrogation. They make the prospect feel like they are the most important person in the world, giving them very little reason to consider buying form elsewhere. However, empathetic curiosity is not something you can learn overnight. It can take time to practice the skills needed to become an expert communicator, so guess what? Successful sales people practice the art of conversation whenever possible. It is a misnomer that sale people talk a lot. They don’t, but they are certainly excellent communicators.
  4. Set great goals – The very best sales people are experts at setting goals. From calculating how long they need to get from A to B, through to setting themselves a seemingly impossible target, successful sales people always use the acronym SMART to set their goals. By ensuring that every goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely, they know that they have vastly increased their chances of reaching their target. Setting great goals is second nature to them, so no matter whether too goal is small or large, they will always create one.
  5. Don’t fear failure – You could say that great sales people are resilient, but really they don’t fear failure. Everyone in sales knows that most of the time, you will lose more than you win. Great sales people just don’t waste their time letting a failed deal drag them down. They might fleetingly wish that the deal had resulted in a happier ending, but great sales people quickly move on. They know that time spent over analysing a failure, can be demotivating as well as a complete waste of time too.
  6. Invest in themselves – When successful sales people fail, they want to know what they could have done better. Moving on from failure helps a great sales person identify what they need to do differently next time. When they know how to do something differently they then invest in themselves in order to change it. Companies invest across the whole of the sales team, not just the top performers. In fact, sales leaders often leave they best sales people alone to “do their thing”. However, the most successful sales people will constantly look at how they can better their performance and if that means buying training aids, or investing in a sales coach, then that is exactly what they do. Great sales people shouldn’t need their hand holding, but if they don’t have the support to help them be the very best, then like an entrepreneur they will happily buy in that expertise.
  7. Confident, but remain humble – The very best sales people are not arrogant. They know they are good, but never waste time forcing their over confident attitude on others. Successful sales people win more than they lose, because they stay humble in their approach to others. Their use of empathy means that they get the most from their external and internal customers, whilst still remaining the go to person. Humble, but confident sales people are also the ones that remain a lot longer at the top than those who become arrogant. This sustainable approach means they make a lot more money in the long run too!

If you are struggling in someway to get the success that you need, then the best thing you can do is to invest in yourself. I don’t mean spend money necessarily, but it is a really good idea to put time aside to learn how you can improve your sales performance. Get access here to a very short, but very effective free sales training program created to help you generate more sales opportunities.

The 3 Day Sales Challenge will show you the very simple and quick steps you need to take to uncover a lot more profitable sales opportunities. When you complete this training I know you will be ticking each one of the those secret that only successful sales people know!