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Use these recommendations to increase sales with a business blog

Business blogs to grow your business

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Confession time. I only started to blog to drive traffic to my new website. My marketing team suggested that posting regularly in a business blog would be really good to push the rankings on my site. So I listened to those that know better than me and did what I was told.

Aren’t I a good girl!

A Business Blog is good for business, and more!

What I didn’t realise was all the other benefits, besides driving traffic to my site, that I would get from having a business blog:

  1. Raises my profile – By taking part in a blogging challenge I have been posting my latest offering in a group of like minded entrepreneurs. A lovely way to network from the comfort of your desk.
  2. It would generate leads – When visitors come to my website to read a blog, I totally forgot that they may actually want to buy from me. Until you start converting visitors to actual paying customers, you are not sure it is really going to happen. It is a great surprise when it does though!
  3. Create a stack load of content – Regularly posting in my business blog means I have created a whole heap of content for my prospects and clients. Over 30 years of sale expertise is getting downloaded into the written word for all to read.
  4. Learnt how easy to repurpose – Having a stack load of content already done in my business blog means I have lots of material that can be remodelled into a video or slide set. Changing what you have documented into a different format has been a revelation to me. It has also given me the chance to be a video diva! Check out my YouTube Channel to see what I mean!
  5. Learning more about my ideal client – I really appreciate that lots of readers are commenting on my business blog. This has given me a lot of new ideas as well as a few sanity check too.
  6. Made new online friends too – Having a business blog, made me think that everyone would remain focused on serious business stuff. However I have had a lot of fun interacting with fellow bloggers and feel chuffed that a few like interacting with me too.
  7. Learnt a lot more about successfully growing my business – I’ve had a successful business for a few years now, but I have never stopped wanting to learn a better way to make money and live the life I want to lead. The following business blogs are my first port of call to increase that knowledge.

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My favourite business blog sites

There are a lot of amazing blogs out there, but I wanted to share some that you might not have come across and are great for entrepreneurs running a smaller business. Not just wanting to name the business blog site, I thought I would also share a recent post that I have found useful in my business. I hope you do too!

Sark eMedia

The gorgeous Sarah Arrow and her husband Kevin specialise in the art of attracting the right clients to help small businesses to market confidently. Join Sarah’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge and learn the fine art of blogging. Here is a really useful post about social media.

How To Optimise Your Content For Social Media

Mike Gardner The Time Doctor

Mike helps his clients to balance their business and family commitments. His time management tips are brilliantly easy to implement quickly. Check out this post on the Productive business owner.

How to Be a Productive Business Owner Pt 1: 15 Ways to Get Results

Magdalena Marsden

Magdalena has more than 16 years of experience in working in strategic business and running her own business, which she now uses to assess a business and advise on the practical side of running small business. I really like the following post as it has a lot of ideas in it to keep you busy.


Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Founded by Barbara Jemmott, YES help’s women entrepreneurs grow and support their clients by providing programs and services to streamline their chaos into revenue generating activities. Her business blog covers all sorts of topics, but she enjoys reviewing products too and this one on Adobe Spark is really interesting.

Make an impact using Adobe Spark

The Confident Mother

Sherry Bevan uses her inner strength and confidence to help other women get the balance they want; to take charge of their life; to know what it is to feel powerful. This post about coaching through change works for mothers returning to work, but anyone facing change.

10 simple questions to self coach before going back to work

Honey Lansdowne

After coaching people in the business world for over 20 years Honey discovered herself and her ability to change behaviours with NLP and Hypnosis. With a genuine warmth and wish to help others, she has recently blogged about achieving 30 days of happiness. This is one of her most popular posts which is fabulous.

30 days to a happier you – Oprah is right….

The Invisible Mentor

Bookaholic. Expert Interviewer. Writer. Blogger. Host of the Read the World Extreme Reading Challenge. Avil Beckford is the Invisible Mentor and ghost blogs for corporate clients in the areas of work and career, and mentoring.

Blogging Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Small Business Crux

Bibi Van Heerden is on a mission to help entrepreneurs create, build, & grow profitable businesses. In this series, Bibi explores your business roles, looking at what’s working and not working for you.

How to revitalise your business quickly – Part 1

I hope you enjoy reading these business blogs and learning a lot more about how to grow your business. However if selling is a challenge you face then why not join my 9 Day Sales Challenge. It is super quick and you will learn a lot of easy sales tips that will make a huge different.