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5 Top tips to asking big sales questions

If the answer is 42, then do you need to ask big sales questions? Yes you do … unless you can wait several million years! Ever read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams? Very funny science fiction book, which makes a brilliant point about the importance of...

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How to set the scene for more increased sales success

Set a simple sales agenda to help close more business Have you ever found that there often appears to be a gap in the conversation near the beginning of a sales conversation? You know the bit, it’s the one between the nicey nicey pleasantries and when you are asking...

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How to introduce yourself to new prospects

The 6 step process to meeting your future clients So you’ve been busy selling the last a few months and the commission has been steadily flowing into your bank account. Your lovely customers have given you enough business and you have been given the odd referral. You...

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How to motivate yourself to sell more successfully!

Motivate yourself to sell in just 7 easy steps! Just what is it that many people dislike about selling? Especially when they have to do it face to face or over the phone. Why do they always feel the need to use every excuse in the book to get out of doing any kind of...

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7 Cold Calling Tips To Appoint The C-Suite Decision Maker

Cold calling, clever business networking or just plain stalking? Whatever you call it, it is a great way to get a meeting with a C-Suite decision makers. I’m talking CEO’s, VP’s, MD’s, ACO’s and even Police Chiefs. If the opportunity runs into the millions, then this...

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How to make more money from cold calling

The tried and tested 7 Step method to cold calling success FACT – Cold calling works! I have been cold calling since 1986 (1982 if you count my time as an Avon girl in my local village) and I reckon I have knocked up close to 20,000 face to face cold calls and almost...

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5 Stress Busting Tools For Busy Sales Professionals

Stress busting tools so you can quickly get back on track You are great at your job. I know you love to hit those targets, get a massive kick out of getting the sale, and make all your customers feel happy and well cared for while you're doing it. It's a passion for...

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Selling shouldn’t be something that you’re bullied into or cry about. Here at Succeed At Selling, I’ll show you how to Get the Meeting and Love Selling.