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How to set the scene for more increased sales success

Set a simple sales agenda to help close more business Have you ever found that there often appears to be a gap in the conversation near the beginning of a sales conversation? You know the bit, it’s the one between the nicey nicey pleasantries and when you are asking...

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How Assuming Your Customers Needs Will Kill The Sale

The one big thing you must do BEFORE you start selling Sales people often ask me what I do to prepare before I either visit a client, or call them. From colleagues in the past, to 1 to 1 clients now they have all seen me close a lot of sales and want to know how I am...

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7 reasons why you should cold call a prospect

Cold call a prospect correctly and your sales will skyrocket Now let me make one thing perfectly clear. I have been doing this for years. I know that when you cold call a prospect you will have an excellent tool in your sales kit bag. Trust me, when you pick up the...

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10 signs you could be an unethical sales person

How to identify the unethical sales person so you don't become one Ever wondered why some sales people never seem to fail at closing sales? No matter what they do, you only see them coming up smelling of roses? In my experience it usually means that they are likely to...

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Why role play is the secret to interviewing sales people

Increase the success of your interviewing to appoint the best sales people Now I'm a big fan of trying the goods before I buy. When I want a new car, I take it for a spin. When I buy fresh fruit I inspect and squeeze them carefully to check how ripe they are. So, for...

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How to make a high impact sales introduction

Video Sales Training With Susan Marot You Will Learn What you need to say to get the meeting with your ideal clients The essential component you need to include in every sales introduction How to ensure you get your prospect talking about what they really need...

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Selling shouldn’t be something that you’re bullied into or cry about. Here at Succeed At Selling, I’ll show you how to Get the Meeting and Love Selling.