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If you want to learn how to sell more successfully to other businesses, then this FREE group is the one for you. You will find lots of great information and techniques to help you to successfully sell to other businesses with empathy, not with fear.

We advocate a non-pushy approach to selling by correctly following the sales process. You have probably had some success at selling, however our community will help you to take that to the next level.


Any community worth being part of has rules and guidelines. The golden rule applies in this community – treat others how you wish to be treated yourself. Sales can be a pressured environment, so I ask you to be aware of your impact on others and treat each other with respect.





Ask questions

The best questions are the ones that you ask! No sales question is a stupid one and we’re on hand to provide answers for you. Ask for a link if you think it will help you.


Share your wins

Tried a technique and got a great result? Share your win and inspire someone else.


Take action

You’ll love the support from our LinkedIn Sales Community, but you do need to take action. And of course, when you get results see the rule above!


Attend the group calls

Every now and then, there will be a group call. Come along and interact. You’ll find you become better at sales because you do!



Pitch everyone

Don’t be the person that enters a community and spams them. Don’t picth everyone. Take time to build the relationships.


Be disrespectful

You might not have the same issue as someone else. If you cannot offer support or respectful advice, don’t comment.


Share your links unasked

This community has times where it’s appropriate to share a link to your website. That time is when someone specifically sayd “please share your link with me”.


Be rude

We all understand what a tough day is, However, that’s no reason to be rude to people in the community. Rudeness and aggression will not be tolerated.