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Remember every successful sales person has a strategy

How’s your week going? I do hope you are on track to achieve your goals for the week. Is your sales strategy helping you get to where you need to be?

I had a call with a client a few days ago and she was feeling a bit unfocused when it came to selling. They have a successful business, which they now want to grow into something a lot more sustainable. All the services are in place and they are generating lots of leads, but she said that she is not sure where to best put the Business Development teams time and effort with regards to sales activity. This is causing the Business Development Executives to procrastinate and focus on everything, but selling.

Let’s face it we all suffer from this from time to time. There seems to be so much going on, lots to do and all of a sudden a little bit of overwhelm starts to creep in.

Take Time Out

Probably the best thing to do first of all is take a break. Step back from it all and do something completely different. Your brain gets just as tired as your body so taking a break from sales activity will really help.

Once you feel abler to get stuck in, the next thing you can do is revisit your sales and marketing strategy. Review and updating your strategy can help remind you where you to focus your effort and why.

A plan should not change every 5 minutes, just because you are feeling overwhelmed. However, if after taking time out to carefully review your strategy you find that the plan doesn’t really seem to the working, then change it. A good plan should always have a certain degree of flexibility in it.

Once you are happy that you have the right actions in place to sell then it’s a lot easier to get on and do it.

If you want some guidance on what should be in your sales and marketing strategy, then check out this blog post.

However, if you have a Business Development strategy, which just doesn’t seem to be happening, then let’s talk it through.

So, next time the overwhelm starts to grab hold of you, remember to take time out then review where you are against plan. A flexible approach is key to success.