You Need To Be In Front of More Decision Makers! 


People tell they’d sell more if only they could  Get the Meeting

They tell me their products and services are snapped up, when they’re in front of the decision maker. But they just can’t get enough quality appointments.

Does this sound like you?

Welcome to Get the Meeting

There’s no need to get a restraining order because you’ve pestered the decision maker to get a meeting. In fact, there’s no need to “stalk” them at all!

In my Get The Meeting Training I’ll share the secrets of how to connect with the people that need you. I’ll also share with you how I became memorable and snapped up £500k of business.

These are the tools that my clients have used to generate over £200 million in sales just 12 months! 

All the training is delivered by video so you can work at your own pace – no rushing, no pressure and definitely no hassle!

What’s Included in Get The Meeting?

The key to meeting success – why they’re important to you, your cusomers and your business.

Actionable sales training –  You’ll love how quickly you can Get The Meeting!

Videos that you can watch at your own pace. Pause the videos and take notes for better impact!

Getting Meetings can seem like a puzzle so my training shows you how to fit the parts together.

Course book and worksheets so you can action what you’re learning. Ready to print off and re-read whenever you need a refresher.


You’ll soon have the process to get more meetings and make more sales in business.

Super support in my Community

Even though the Get the Meeting training is self-study, you’re not alone. If you have any questions you can ask in the group and get a reply. If you prefer supported training, check out the upgraded option for tailored support.



Josephine Peacock

Working with Susan kept me focused, on track and together we set achievable KPIs which resulted in winning over £700K of new business within three months. The 1-1 sessions were invaluable and I enjoyed working with Susan. The methodology sales process Susan has created is easy to follow with great results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susan to anyone who is looking to increase sales in their business.

Simona Frumen

Working with Susan was a great experience. I was struggling with getting my sales message across and she offered some easy to follow techniques and processes that I found easy to implement and highly effective. Since working with her I now have more focus and structure so I get results that I need a lot quicker. I highly recommend Susan as a coach and mentor.

Claudia Collu

The sales team were a tough bunch with 5 nationalities, mixed seniority levels and quite a bit of an attitude. However, Susan achieved our objectives, with passion and responsibility. Eventually the team begun to understand and appreciate the approach she asked them to follow. The prep work was thorough and the team were provided with a clear method, supporting sales handbook and plenty of coaching as follow up. Thank you Susan!

How Much Is the Investment in Get the Meeting?

Get The Meeting Course Content

Starting With Get The Meeting


Meet your trainer and discover how to get the maximum results from your Get The Meeting training

6 comprehensive modules

Gain a deeper insight into how to get the meeting in these 6 comprehensive modules with several video lessons in each one

You'll love how you come across

This isn’t about being pushy, and you’ll discover how to be confident with your products and services without going overboard!

Growing With Get The Meeting

Impactful messages

Learn how to send a series of short written messages that your decision maker will actually act upon and quickly respond back to you

Scripts that actually help you

Get my script templates to ensure your cold calls succeed at getting you past the gatekeeper and speaking to the decision maker.

How Much Is the Investment in Get the Meeting?

Have some Questions?

Do I have to purchase additional tools?

No. The Get The Meeting training is easy to access and easy to use. You’ll love the videos and links to great resources. If you can click a link to read this page you can do the training.

I'm tech averse? Can I do this?

My sales training portal is state of the art, and designed with learners in mind. If you can open an email and click a link you can do this.

I'm starting out, is this for me?

Yes! Start your business visibility the right way by understanding how to get the meeting. You’ll love how this becomes your foundation for sales.

I'm a marketing expert...

You’ll love how this gets you in front of more people to sell your services. Please note, this training is your personal use only.

I'm a salesperson

Brilliant! If you’re struggling to get the meetings you need to sell your products then this is for you.

Why is this so affordable?

Sales training can vary in price and quality. I want you to experience this program and want to work with me to support other areas of your sales program. This means I’m practically gifting you this program in order for you to see how good I am!

Can I outsource this?

Of course! We recommend you do the training so that you understand what you need when it comes to Getting The Meeting.

How do I pay?

We take payments online through Paypal.  You will be able to pay by Credit Card using PayPal. An account isn’t need for you to pay with a credit card.

What happens after I book the training?

Within 15 minutes you’ll have an email from us with your logins to the My Sales Academy. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it. You can click the link, login and start the training straight away! Even at 3am if you wish.

What if I have questions?

Hit reply to the emails and I’ll answer any questions that you have around Get The Meeting.
If you prefer a more tailored, unique to you experience, choose the upgraded option that includes 3 coaching calls that are tailored to you.


Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes!  If you recommend us to your friends and fellow entrepreneurs, not only will we be grateful, we’ll give you 30% of the sale (after taxes) as a thank you. When you get your logins, hit reply to the email and let us know you’d love to be an affiliate.

It’s time to stop procrastinating and Get The Meeting