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Motivate yourself to sell in just 7 easy steps!B2B Sales Motivation

Just what is it that many people dislike about selling? Especially when they have to do it face to face or over the phone. Why do they always feel the need to use every excuse in the book to get out of doing any kind of sales activity. Could it be that they are struggling to motivate themselves to get out there and sell?

Some of the excuses I hear include:

“I can’t do it”
“I don’t like it”
“I don’t want to appear pushy”
“No one will buy from me”
“I’m scared”
“What if they say no!”

These excuses stop a lot of people from selling successfully. This negativity often means they are lacking the knowledge and confidence to sell. However, there is another reason.

But first, let me tell you a little secret

Some of the top sales people IN THE WORLD have the same thoughts going through their heads on a regularly basis.

Now they know how to sell, and they have the confidence too, so how do they prevent this potential negativity from taking a strangle hold on their sales success?

The answer is that they know how to motivate themselves to sell successfully. They have also learnt a few simple tactics that help them to quickly banish these negative thoughts from their mind.

So what can you do to copy them?


Creating a positive environment goes a long way to helping anyone to do something that they lack confidence in, or feel unmotivated to start doing. Getting motivated to sell is really no different.

Negativity is often used as an excuse not to do something, or as a reason why “I can’t”. So try avoiding the company of negative people that make you feel unable to get going. Surround yourself with successful people whose positive approach will naturally rub off. Very soon you will find that you have the mental strength to become focused in what you need to do and have more stamina to maintain the positive mindset to become motivated to sell.


Selling is all about targets and goals. However, most businesses, quite naturally make these work orientated. This can sometimes be a mistake as the result is often over pressurized sales activity.

In conjunction with your business targets, think about some personal goals that you want to achieve. I’m not talking things that are easily achievable like a holiday to the same destination you’ve been going to for the last 5 years. Try setting a goal that has been on your dream wall for the last 5 years.

Not got a dream wall! Well get one quickly.

Create space near to where you spend most of your time working. Then think about your goal. Write it down, pin it up, imagine what life will be like when you have it.

I’ve had everything from Skiing brochures, aerial pictures of the Maldives, Porsche’s and even a photo of a field of plum trees on my wall. I achieved the lot, although the field of plum trees were quickly replaced by our second home in the Spanish mountains.


I love SMART objectives. They really do help to focus on the right activity so that you can increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Ensuring every objective, no matter how small, is “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely”, will keep negativity at bay and motivation high.

If the objective does not appear to meet SMART criteria, then review the opportunity to see if it is the right objective. If you still believe it is the correct objective to achieve your goal then be flexible and adjust the plan accordingly. Making sure you constantly hit your goals and targets is highly motivational.


As already mentioned, incentivizing oneself to achieve success is a great way of staying motivated. So, no matter how small or large the goal, there should always be a reward.

However, do not rely on others to do this for you. Whether it is a sports car or just a 20 minute walk to clear the head, always have a reward for achieving the sales activity you need to do.


If a deal is lost or a target narrowly missed there really is no need to start a session of self-flagellation. Though spending even just a few minutes reviewing why that happened and what you could of done better is always a valuable activity.

If you can work out what went wrong then it’ll be so much easier to prevent a repeat. Ask a customer why they went elsewhere, talk to your mentor or coach. Feedback from those whose opinions you value will motivate you to even greater success.

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Don’t avoid difficult tasks, just get them over with quickly. First thing in the morning is probably one of the best times to do this ensuring a more positive mood for the rest of the day.


Always keep a record of success and make it visible. A thank you or recommendation from a client, industry awards or qualifications will all go a long way to keeping you in the positive frame of mind you need to sell. When a boost of confidence is required, reviewing your success will keep you focused and motivated on the task in hand.

Next time you are getting a wobble and feel a negative thought coming into your head, take a look at a customer testimonial or study your dream wall. Learning how to stay motivated is just as important as learning how to sell. Please be reassured that these simple tricks will help keep you focused on the task in hand and give you more confidence to achieve the sales success you are very capable of.

It is easier to stay motivated when you know what to do. However, if you are struggling to stay motivated then apply now for your FREE sales accelerator call.  Click here so that I can help you with some more specific tips to keep you heading in the right direction.