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Video Sales Training With Susan Marot

You Will Learn

  • The 7 Steps of the B2B Sales Process
  • The first step which is the foundation for success
  • Which steps are the most important and why
  • The final step and why it is essential for repeat business

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The Importance of the B2B Sales Process to win more sales

The most scientific thing about selling is the 7 steps of the B2B Sales Process. Like baking a cake, if you miss a step out or fail to do it correctly, then you will not be successful at winning the business.

In this episode, Susan goes through each step of the sales process explaining why it is super important not to miss any out. If you have any questions, or comments about this video then post them in the comments below. 


Sales Training Show Notes

0.40 – Susan starts to go through each step of the B2B Sales Process starting with the foundation that the whole process is based upon…preparation.

1. 30 Susan explains why the first four steps of the sales process are the ones that you need to revise whenever you are struggling to sell.

2. 20 What it is within the sales process that will make it a lot easier for you to close the business.

2.40 Why the the follow up step of the sales process is essential to developing repeat business with your clients.