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Video Sales Training With Susan Marot

You Will Learn

  • The importance of knowing the difference between marketing and selling in terms of getting results
  • The dictionary definition of to market and to sell
  • Why you will never sell anything if you only market what you do
  • What you need to do next to sell more successfully

Resources & Links

In the very first of Susan Marot’s Sales Success videos, she shares the one big difference between marketing and selling. Know this and you will always be clear about exactly what you need to do to close more business. 

Let’s be clear. You are watching this video on my site because you want to know how to sell successfully and make more money. Marketing is only a part of that. Get your head around the differences between the two to supercharge your commissions. (Apologies for the sound as I filmed this on a windy day. You will be pleased to know I have solved this challenge now!)

Sales Training Show Notes

0.50 – Susan shares a story that clearly explains where marketing sits in the sales process.

2. 45 – It is always useful to remember the exact dictionary definition of to market and to sell.

4. 00 – The importance of selling the benefits so that customers will pay good money for what it is you are selling them,