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Tailored sales coaching developed with your sales needs in mind!

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I heard Susan talk at a networking event and decided to engage with her services as I was impressed with her presentation. Working with Susan kept me focused, on track and together we set achievable KPIs which resulted in winning over 700K business within three months.

The 1-1 sessions were invaluable and I enjoyed working with Susan. The methodology sales process Susan has created is easy to follow with great results.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Susan to anyone who is looking to increase sales in their business.

Josephine Peacock

National Business Development Manager

Sales coaching that’s tailored to you!

You’ll get your own tailored sales program designed just for your needs

Need regular support? You’re not alone in our sales coaching support group!


Regular meetings with me to help keep you focused and on track to achieving your goals

Online access to me, coaching you to achieve what you thought was unachievable.

How Much Is 121 Coaching with Susan Marot?

I’ve been working with Susan to drive my business forward after a few months personal down time, I needed focus and refined selling skills to get me back up and running.

The coaching sessions with Susan have been excellent. Her simple way of explaining how processes work have been useful and I’ve been able to implement the changes straight away. My sales have increased and I have my selling mojo back, now with added umpf and skills tried and tested from Susan’s years of experience. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Susan and succeed at selling to anyone who wants to increase their selling skills, and when you’re in business, why wouldn’t you?

Karen Locking

Social Media Consultanct

Want to know more about what Susan can achieve?

Just like Lottie Moore in the video you’ll love my tailored sales coaching. When you book, you’ll have a 1-2-1 session with me, and there and then we will put together your, unique program.

We’ll speak once a month (6 calls including the first call) and iron out anything you’re struggling with.

You’ll love how after your tailored sales training is completed, that you have the option for ongoing, monthly support – you know you’ll never feel the need to cry about sales again!

Working with Susan was a great experience. I was struggling with getting my sales message across and she offered some easy to follow techniques and processes that I found easy to implement and highly effective.

Since working with her I now have more focus and structure so I get results that I need a lot quicker. I highly recommend Susan as a coach and mentor.

Simona Frumen

Mediation Consultant

How Much Is 121 Coaching with Susan Marot?

 Questions About Sales Coaching?

What is Sales Coaching?

Sales are the life source of any business. Salespeople are the heart. They are the people who talk to other people day in, day out. Sales coaching is what helps the salespeople increase their skills, their performance and stay motivated. 

Will Sales Coaching Give Me Confidence?

Yes! Salespeople are often seen as confident, but deep down they’re sensitive and need regular motivational top-ups. Read Susan’s testimonials to see exactly how she increases her clients confidence.

How Do I Know If I Need Sales Coaching?

Good question and thank you for asking. As a salesperson, you might find that you want to achieve more. This is a sign that you need sales coaching. You might decide that you want more consistent commissions. This is a sign you need sales coaching. You might think that you want to understand the components of selling so you can increase your career opportunities. The most common feeling is restlessness. You’re not quite sure of why you feel this way, but you just want something more than you currently have.

How Do I Book Sales Coaching?

At the top of the page you’ll see a button called “Let’s Talk”. Click this and then book a 20 minute session. Susan will be happy to have a chat with you about your specific needs.

Who Pays For Sales Coaching?

Often companies give their sales teams a development allowance. Some companies contact me to book a package for their salespeople, and other sales personnel come to me directly. They all understand that when a salesperson performs better then everyone earns more. Check with your line manager if you can put your sales training on expenses. 

Why Do I Need a Sales Coach?

Sales coaching is about increasing your performance. It’s about streamlining your sales process, eliminating blocks and distractions so that you can earn more, and have more of what you want in your life. If you’re not achieving your full potential then book in a call.

What if my Business Has Never Hired a Sales Coach Before?

If coaching isn’t part of your business culture, and you’d like to develop yourself further, then we can help you with this. Sales coaching isn’t a scary process. In fact, you’ll find it really beneficial as part of your personal support system. You will become more motivated as well as more knowledgeable about selling and that bringing in a sales coach is brilliant. However, it can be a difficult move to process if you aren’t used to it. Don’t worry, we are here to support you at all times.

Is Sales Coaching Expensive?

An investment in yourself, in your skills is never expensive. It’s also something you can invest in stages. You might decide to book some sales training first to see if you like my style (most people do, but you want to find out for yourself). You then decide the next stage is to work with me for coaching. Other sales people who want rapid results jump straight to the sales coaching option. Why not check Susan’s testimonials to better understand how sales coaching might work for you.

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