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Does this sound like you?

You know your sales function could deliver more, but you don’t have the time or skill set available to make that happen.

Introducing Sales Enablement to your business is probably the answer

Susan Marot

Enabling global sales teams to enjoy more productive selling time with new and existing clients, generating increased revenues. 

Want to know how to successfully implement a sales enablement strategy in your business?

Sales Content

Tools and Processes

Sales playbooks and account plans are two quick wins that a business can enable their sales function with.

Better use of CRM and AI will also ensure more sustainable results.

Sales Training

 On Site or Online

Sales people learn in different ways so matching the right training with an individuals learning preference is key for successful sales enablement. 

Sales Coaching


Coaching sales people to maximise their potential is essential for the profitability of a business.

A regular program of coaching will always achieve more predictable results too.

Want a copy of our most popular sales workshops?

Roger Neary - Head of Sales

I first worked with Susan in 2017 when she began to help me develop, up-skill and coach a very new and skills diverse sales team.

Course content and delivery were great – Susan really tailored these to meet the needs of the whole team irrespective of experience and skill set, whilst getting the team to start to think and work together for the first time. Well thought out strategies, sales approaches and account plans have certainly helped the team focus and deliver sales success after sales success!

Claudia Collu - Chief Commercial Officer

The sales team were a tough bunch with 5 nationalities, mixed seniority levels and quite a bit of an attitude. However, Susan achieved our objectives, with passion and responsibility. Eventually the team begun to understand and appreciate the approach she asked them to follow. The prep work was thorough and the team were provided with a clear method, supporting sales handbook and plenty of coaching as follow up. Thank you Susan!

Adam Baines - Head of Sector Sales

Susan has led several training sessions with the Sales team, which have been of the highest quality. 
Her relaxed approach and style of delivery has been very well received by my colleagues and I. Her attention to detail and knowledge of our business is second to none. This clearly demonstrates the time and effort she must’ve put into preparing for each of the sessions. 
Not only were the training sessions informative, they have also been enjoyable. 

Outside of the “classroom “, Susan has also been there for any further advice required which has also been a great help. 
Thanks Susan!

Nikki Richards - HR Sales

Susan’s passion and energy comes through in every coaching session we have. She genuinely wants to make a difference! Some sessions have been about a specific topic – Susan makes sure you’re prepared for these by sending you specific material to read beforehand. She’s also able to guide you through a more open discussion, which always ends with positive actions to take away. Most importantly, she makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Susan as a coach and mentor.

Craig Pearson - Sales Director

Susan was diligent in her preparation, ensuring that she knew exactly what we wanted to gain from the session and tailoring them to our needs. Susan has a fantastic ability to engage and involve people in training, ensuring they get the most possible from the time. And she really, really knows her stuff! 

We came away energised with some clear actions to follow through. However, most of all I came away with a real sense that implementing the things Susan had taught us will make a massive difference to our sales process and, ultimately, our bottom line.

About Susan Marot

Some salespeople are born with the gift of communication. Great salespeople are trained. Susan knows that sales success is more than great communication, and without great support, ya sales person will never get from good to great.

She knows because when she started selling Avon at 14 she was good. She received a stack of professional training from some of the worlds most respected sales organisations. When she was headhunted by other companies, she then knew she was great, and so did her company. They tasked her with training their sales teams and the rest is history, or should we say sales success!

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