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Video Sales Training With Susan Marot

You Will Learn

  • What slow cooked pork ribs have to do with preparing to sell
  • What you need to be looking for on your prospects website
  • Why LinkedIn is an important part of selling B2B
  • How to remember exactly what you need to do before the call

Resources & Links

Preparation is the one step in the sales process that many sales people fail to do effectively. In this mini sales training session, Susan Marot shares her 3 best preparation strategies to ensure that your meeting with your hot new prospect gets the results you need.

Not only is Susan sharing her best preparation sales strategies, but in this sales training she also will get you thinking about the questions you need answering, before you knock on that prospects door.

Sales Training Show Notes

0.40 – Susan Marot uses her wood oven to explain the a perfect example of not preparing effectively before you go to see a potential client.

2. 08 Tip Number 1 is to check them out on their website and use the questions Susan share to find out everything you need to know before you contact that client.

2. 30 Get on LinkedIn and check out the person you think you need to contact, is the second preparation tip. Susan also shares what you need to be looking out for.

3.01 The questions you need to think about asking your prospect, before you go into see them.