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Sales Interview with Susan Marot

In this interview Susan talks to Jess Mulcahy about her background in sales recruitment and how she has used the skills she learnt in her business The Light Path Australia.

Passionate about helping her clients, Jess shares with Susan the three main areas she believes has made her a success at selling without being pushy, which are:

  1. Listen to your clients to find out exactly what they need.
  2. Remember to love your product, your purpose and your why.
  3. Get in the right environment to help you sell, whether that be online groups, a coach or mentor.

Jess Mulcahy is a psychic intuitive and spiritual mentor running The Light Path Aus

With a corporate background with 16 years’ executive recruitment experience, Jess worked with some very large global recruiting firms through out her career. When she had her daughter and became a single parent, Jess sought a career change, deciding to use her business skills in her own spiritually based business.

Jess has built her business through social media and currently has a tribe of over 12,600 people on her Facebook group. At the beginning of November 2016 she is celebrating 4 years in business .

You can get in contact with Jess via her Facebook group

Jess has the knowledge, confidence and is brilliant at holding herself accountable to herself and her business. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!