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The non-pushy approach to successful sales introductions

When you are in B2B sales you need to get meetings with decision makers. You know your product inside out and you know it is just what your prospects need.

The challenge?

Getting in front of them.

I mean there are so many ways to get to a decision maker, but many B2B sales people simply struggle to know which will work for them and their business. When I started selling in the 80’s I just had a phone on my office desk and a wad of business cards to go door knocking with. No internet and most certainly no LinkedIn to hunt people down.

There is so much choice, but where or how do you start with sales introductions?

Do you email them?

If it doesn’t get stuck in spam it is really easy to ignore.

Do you ring them?

Quick and easy, but you run the risk of struggling to get past the gate keeper.

Do you connect and message them via social media?

Where you get stuck between nice conversations that go nowhere and coming across as pushy by asking for the meeting too soon

Do you ask someone to introduce you?

However, you ask yourself if you can do that without appearing to take advantage of an existing wonderful relationship.

Do you wait for them to come to you?

Or do you let your competitors get in front of them first.

At best it is like throwing a whole load of balls in the air and wondering which one will drop first. At worst you come across as being a pushy sales person who just can’t take no for an answer.

Pushy sales people are unethical sales people. You don’t want to be one of those, do you?

3 Simple Steps to appointing your B2B decision makers

Yep, you read that right. There are just three simple steps you need to master to get really effective sales meetings with the decision makers in your ideal clients.

Nail these three steps to perfecting your sales introductions and you will not only have a diary full of successful meetings, but a lot less stress too.

Step 1 – Research your prospects

One of the biggest failings of a pushy sales person is that they try selling to the wrong person. A complete waste of time that will always leave a bad taste in the prospects mouth.

Find out who the MAN is. Now I am definitely not saying a woman can’t be a MAN because it is not about the sex of the decision maker. MAN stands for-Research you prospects

M= The person who has the Money  to buy your solution

A= The person who has the Authority to buy your solution

N = The person who has the Need or problem that your solution can solve

Uncover the MAN and you are a million steps closer to not only getting the meeting, but closing the business too.

Step 2 – Establish their Need

Sales Open QuestionThis is where most pushy and unethical sales people really fail. Finding your prospects problem and getting them to accept they have a need to solve that problem, takes a little more effort.

Not even begging will help!

All you have to do is engage them in a conversation whilst listening hard for clues to the problem.

Finding out what is important to them and the consequences of not doing something about it, is what great ethical sales people do.

Step 3 – Asking for the meeting

It is important to really gain your decision makers attention.

The perfect sales introduction must very quickly do all of the following.

  • Build rapport
  • Establish that you understand their need
  • Briefly explain how you can solve that need
  • Outline and agree next steps to solving the need

If you miss any of this out, then you will certainly fail to get a date in the diary or come across as a pushy and highly unethical sales person.

Ethical Sales Numbers

Sales is often said to be a numbers gain. However, you need to focus on the right numbers when it comes to getting appointments with decision makers at the very high level.

Sending out thousands of emails to addresses that you bought, is pushy and unethical.

Ringing telephone numbers without knowing the business at the other end, is pushy and unethical.

Asking for meetings with every single person you meet, is pushy and unethical.

Any kind of sales activity without prior research and qualification is the hallmark of a pushy and non-ethical sales person.

Need more high-level sales meetings?

All you need to do to get meetings with B2B decision makers is to focus in on finding the problems the MAN has, and that you know you can solve. If you are still struggling to do this, then I would like to offer you a solution to your need to get more sales appointments.

When you join this popular training you will receive everything to help you to Get the Meeting.

  • Planning and preparation techniques that makes best use of your precious time.
  • Videos that go step by step through exactly what you need to say and do.
  • Different tactics to engage, because your decision makers are all different.
  • Downloadable tools and worksheets to help you implement what you learn.
  • Online forum to support you every step of the way.

There is just one reason you need to act on this training now.

How long can you survive without more high-quality sales meetings in your diary?

There are over 30 years of my personal sales experience that have gone into this training. This is your shortcut to greater sales success.