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What if there’s fast and fun way to “qualify” your prospects?

(Without making them feeling like they’re being measured up?).

Would you be interested? Of course you would, that’s why you’re here. Have you thought about creating a marketing quiz?

You’ve marketed your socks off, you have a pile of leads and you know you should sift through your leads and work out which ones

  • Need nurturing,
  • Need calling
  • Are not a fit for your product or services

But, it’s hard work.

You know you must do this, and qualify your prospects properly or you’ll waste their time. Life’s too short for that. You just wish there was a faster way to qualify your leads, and if it was fun too? Well, that would be hitting the qualifying jackpot.

Have you thought about making your qualifying process a quiz?

Who doesn’t love a quiz? Whether it’s finding out which Disney Princess you are or if you’ve got what it takes to climb Everest, people (and by people, I mean your prospects) love quizzes.  But how do you create a marketing quiz that qualifies your prospects?

Start with your prospect qualification process

The best place is to start is with your end goal if you don’t have a prospect qualification process in place.

This goal would be to make a sale.

What does the prospect need to know and agree too for you to make a sale?

Turn that into a question with a yes or no answer.

What do you need to know about the prospect in so you can ask them the question with the yes and no answer?

And you keep asking the questions till you get to the step where the prospect signals their intentions.

I realise explaining how to quiz your prospect doesn’t work as well as showing you, so here’s an example of a qualifying quiz.

The product I’m planning to sell is Cat Litter. I know, I could choose something a little more exciting than cat litter… Like fast cars, but not all of us have exciting products to sell. I’m know that if you can see it for a boring example like cat litter, then you can see how easy it will be to make a fun quiz for your prospects in your own business, no matter what you sell.

To be able to sift my prospects from curious clickers to perfect prospects I need to ask the all-important qualifying question first.

Do you have a cat or kitten?

Yes / No

Does your cat use a litter tray or litter box?

Yes / No.

Now, if the answer is no to the first question, then the quiz should ask what they want to use cat litter for. This is known as “Conditional Logic” However, this isn’t essential to the quiz, just vital to my curiosity.

Again, if the cat does not use a litter tray or box, then they’re not a prospect. The chances are the cat relieves itself in the garden, or Robert De Niro has trained it to use the toilet, like he did the cat in Meet the Parents.

The questions in each step of your quiz qualify or disqualify the prospect per their answer.

But you said this was going to be fun!

Now the questions themselves may be sound very dull, but that’s part of the quiz. How you can make it fun is with clever use of images in your quiz. Yep, there’s no need to think that quizzes are just text. Quiz software is incredibly sophisticated and you can (and should) use images.

Which of the following cat images do you prefer? Which of the two cat images make you smile?



That’s how you make your qualifying quizzes fun.

You can ask all the serious questions but balance the questions with fun imagery. Be careful not to overdo the serious / fun ratio or your prospect will feel a friction as they take the quiz.

By adding some fun questions in the mix then your quiz not only qualifies your leads, but makes the entire qualifying experience fun.

If you plan your quiz content successfully, you could have a viral quiz on social media bringing you more brand recognition and prospects to qualify.

In making your qualification process a quiz you’re also making the process hands off for you, and interactive for the prospect. This makes you and your services memorable. Even selling cat litter can be made fun with a quiz.


Sarah Arrow is the owner of a U.K based marketing agency ( . She helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and authors generate more leads via their website.