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“I have over 3000 followers on Twitter” *Insert smug face*Social Media

“I’m in the 500+ club on LinkedIn, yours doesn’t look great with only a few hundred connections – you should increase them” *Insert judging face*

“My Facebook likes are over 15000!!!!” *Insert smug face*

So if you would you like a way to challenge those smug, judging faces, then ask this one question:

“That’s great, but how many of them are customers or that you have sold to?”

Quite often you’re then met with *Oh sugar I don’t know face*!!

We’ve been working with businesses for over 3 years ensuring they know how to get the most from their Social Media activities. Whilst some other Social Media Consultancies focus on gaining more likes, increasing connections and increasing follower number’s we’re focused on the long term benefits of these connections and how a business can transition them to become a paying, loyal customer as opposed to solely an electronic number.

Our 3 Top Tips to get rid of the *Smug Faces*

This blog will give you an insight into 3 of our main hints and tips that we share with our customers, which you can start to put these into practice immediately! If you need a hand taking it further please get in touch!

1)              What would you do if the playing field was too close?

This is somewhere we always like to start with our clients, what would you do if Facebook decided they didn’t like something you’d done on your Facebook page and closed it down. For example, if they changed their rules and regulations (which they do regularly) and you broke one by accident. Facebook don’t give notice, they don’t always allow you to rectify the mistake they just close the page and suspend your account. So what would you do? And the same for the other networks, if they “closed the playing field” and decided they’d had enough what would your business do?

A good place to start would be to consider how you can get your customers information from the networks you’re spending your time on. How can you get the name, their business name, their email addresses, phone numbers, what they are interested in and engaging with, and so on in case that playing field were to close. Always think about who owns this data and what you’re doing with it, if it’s solely on a network you don’t have that much control and the playing field was to close, what would you do?

2)              Build, Engage … AMPLIFY!

There are three rules we train our customers to use when spending their time on Social Networks. If you’re not doing them you may quite possibly be wasting time.

Build – Build your account, build your content, build your database, plan your strategy, set your measurements. Think about social media as if you were building a house and ensure your foundations are set first.

Engage – The clue is really in the title SOCIAL media, you need so speak to people, connect with people, ask questions, give answers, share other people’s content as well as expecting your own to be shared, get involved in group discussions. If it’s relevant start mentioning your products or services, but don’t be too pushy. It’s not advisable to walk straight up to someone at a networking event and straight after your name start to push your business down their throat and the same applies for interactions on Social Media, get to know people and most importantly – BE SOCIABLE!

Amplify – This is where the sales can start to take place, take your communication off social media. This may sound a strange thing to say, but gain control of it for your business. Ring a business who may be interested in your services; ask to meet with that LinkedIn connection for a coffee; get in touch with the Facebook liker who’s always commenting on your posts and offer them a discount; send a customer to your website to buy your product where you can ask for more information and add them to a newsletter. Amplify this activity to make a sale!

3)              Integration

So last, but not least, integration. How can you integrate your social media activity into your other sales and marketing techniques? How can you bring you and your business into the forefront of your prospects minds so that when you have a proposal out with them, or they’re debating whether to buy your latest offering, they continue to see you and your business. A great place to start is to integrate your social media accounts into your business as much as possible. For example on your invoices, business cards, products, websites, discussions, phone calls. When you can ask people “Are we connected on Social Media?” and the answer is no then send them your details. This is a great way of ensuring, even after their first connection with you that they continue to see your details here, there and EVERYWHERE.

Social Media shouldn’t be just something that happens in a business, your updates, posts, tweets, photos etc benefit your business and your sales when they are linked to a bigger visions. Social Media activity should be supporting and driving sales in your business.

If it isn’t, unfortunately you’re probably doing it wrong!

Founder of Evolve Business Development Karen Locking is extremely passionate about working with businesses of all sizes to help them develop a professional, strategic and highly effective social media marketing approach to win more sales. Having grown hugely since its launch the team provide social media marketing services to businesses across North Lincolnshire in England. Need help with social media? Just contact Karen to see how she can help.